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The day-to-day operations of the institute are directed by the Institute Principal who works closely with the Deputy Institute Principal Planning Administration and Finance (DIPPAF), Deputy Institute Principal Academic, Research and Consultancy (DIPARC), Quality Assurance Officer, Insitute Bursar, Admission officer, Human Resources officer  and Heads of Department.


LIHASAB is The Highest Governing Organ of The Institute Responsible to Oversee the Quality Assurance of The Institute Work Processes, Products and Services in Compliance to Its Vision, Mission, and the Minimum NACTE Quality Academic Norms and Standards. The the board consists of Not Less Than Nine (9) Members Whose academic Qualification are Not Below Bachelor Degree to Enable Member’s Active Participation and Critical Arguments and Contributions in Different Debate of Technical Issues.



LIHASMT is the second-highest governance organ of the institute responsible to ensure the effective implementation of all matters related to academic, administrative and supportive affairs of the institute. It is Responsible to assist the Institute Principal in the day-to-day management of the Institute through providing effective and efficient management of both human, physical and financial resources of the institute, coordinate and control the development, planning, management, and administration of the institute and its resources in accordance with approved policies, rules, and regulations and propose to the institute rules and regulations for the administration of the institute and for the execution of its programs and plans.




LIHASCo is the lowest governance organ of the institute designed to ensure all employed staffs of the institute are fully engaged in discussion, debate, and making the decision in all matters affecting the academic, administrative, financial, and social affairs of the institute including those affecting the life of the institute staffs, students, and the community at large. These committees have been appointed by LIHASAB to ensure the effective implementation of the institute roles and responsibilities as they are required to present a report for implementation of the board recommendation to the official LIHASAB Meetings. Currently the board has designated  six  (6) committees to which it may delegate its responsibilities for any of its functions including;-

1.     Insitute Academic Committee (IAC)

2.     Insitute Examination Committee (IEC)

3.     Students Admission Committee (SAC)

4.     Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)

5.     Staff Appointment and Disciplinary Committee (SADC)

6.     Student social welfare committee (SSWC)