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striving for transformation in health training

Our Core Values


1.  INTEGRITY;-The institute is committed to operating with a high sense of moral and ethical standards in all its dealings with students, stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and the public


2. COMMITMENT;- The institute and its whole community are committed to exercising a high sense of commitment in the execution of its activities and plans.


3.  PROMPTNESS;- The institute is committed to ensuring Time management in all its operations of the institute and aspire to nurture minds that consider time in its genuine value.


4.  DISCIPLINE;- The institute is committed to ensuring that in all its operations discipline is observed by all involved.


5.   CLIENT ORIENTEDNESS;- The institute is committed to ensuring that its clients as a reason for its existence will be served as a priority in planning and execution of all the activities.


6.  PROFESSIONALISM;- The institute is committed to executing its activities in a systematic and transparent approach at the highest possible professional standards to exercise moral ethics in all of its undertakings